Paggle Pukegutter

The evil, tiny witch with a talent for poisons and a soft spot for the culinary arts.


dndstats_paggle.jpg Paggle is a teal goblin with blood red eyes and one ear. She is usually dressed in her cobalt-blue robes and totem-like mask, hiding her goblin features.


Ominous Origins

Cobalt Carnage

Paggle Pukegutter grew up a part of the Cobalt Clan of goblins, on the coast where a swamp drained into a sea. Her clan mainly raised their children communally, though it was typical for most children to remain in cages until they were old enough to work, which would usually be when they were old enough to walk and understand language. As a child, Paggle began apprenticing for one of her clan’s cooks, Chorpas Childmincer. Paggle, being fairly inept, was frequently and violently punished for her mishaps. When her food was deemed too foul to feed to other goblins, and instead fed to their riding worgs, the worgs died. Childmincer chopped off most of Paggle’s left ear, and Paggle was sent back to the cages to spend longer within them than most goblin children.

During her extra time within the cages, Paggle was often visited by Ruvok Ranklung, another goblin the same age as Paggle. The two had grown up together, in cages side-by-side. Often they would nip and quarrel over scraps, but overall became very familiar with each other. After Paggle returned to the cages, it was Ruvok, now a raider, who would come to dump scraps of food in her cage.

Eventually, Paggle would return to her apprenticeship under Childmincer. Still messing up, Paggle was often sliced and burned by Childmincer as punishment. Paggle did slowly gain confidence, and improved slowly in her cooking by her teenage years. However, when helping to prepare for a massive feast for the returning raiding party, Childmincer insulted Paggle’s cooking by saying that her stew wasn’t fit for the worgs. Childmincer dumped Paggle’s stew on the floor and began to replace it with her own batch. Paggle, furious at the insult, and large enough to do something about it, grabbed a ladle of her stew that remained and forced it down Childmincer’s throat. Childmincer passed out in the kitchen, and Paggle began on a new stew, this time using Childmincer’s dismembered limbs.

Paggle was smug as the raiders swarmed to her stew. When Paggle saw Ruvok devouring a bowl of her stew, she asked him, “How’s the stew I made? Do you like it?” This was the first question one ever asked the other. Ruvok didn’t answer, and the raiders rapidly slurped up their feast. Not satisfied, they started tearing apart the dining hall. At some point, they realized they could satiate their craving with goblin meat, and started tearing each other to bits. Ruvok even pounced on Paggle, clawing and biting at her. Paggle only managed to escape by stabbing Ruvok in the eye with a nearby knife and immediately fleeing the village.

The Cobalt Clan would become known as the Cobalt Cannibal Clan amongst other goblin tribes. The blue-skinned, red-eyed, dark-haired goblins would become a story told by other goblins to frighten each other, fearing the cobalt goblins may devour them in the night. Should goblins come across members of the Cobalt Cannibal Clan, they would either run away or kill them, depending on if they had an advantage. Remaining members of the Cobalt Clan, ones that were fortunate to survive what’s simply known as “the Feast,” are either rabidly cannibalistic, or hold a grudge against Paggle for destroying their clan. The Cobalt Clan no longer remains together in one place on the coast of a swamp, and tend to travel alone or in pairs, scavenging what they can.

Paggle would wander on her own, usually cloaked and masked. She would come to eventually hear of what happened to her remaining clansmen, and knew to be wary of other goblins. Paggle instead would travel alone, often settling for brief periods of time near settlements of other races, from orcs to humans, and began trading poisons. After the catastrophe she caused with the Feast, she finally understood that her true calling wasn’t in the culinary arts, but in the poisons. Some of her trading eventually got her some arcane texts, and she would begin her own journey of self-discovery in her latent talents in sorcery.

Meandering Miscreant

Paggle, out on her own, found out that she had little talent for obtaining food or other necessities. Fortunately, she crafted a clever disguise and began trading with all sorts of people, even ones who would normally draw arms on sight of a goblin. This is how Paggle would meet Wenafare LeClair, a sorceress who offered Paggle some arcane texts in exchange for her poisons. Paggle would eventually learn how to make a pact with the Archfey, and become a witch. Witchcraft appealed to Paggle, because she thought it complimented her knack for poisons and generally making lives around her worse.

Eventually Paggle would gather courage to deal her goods within cities with humans, elves, dwarves, and other common speaking folk. However, it was illegal to possess such poisons within some of those cities, and this resulted in Paggle being pursued by one particular city guard, Venna Dawntracker. Paggle was fortunate to evade Dawntracker through a combination of booking it and several clever feints, getting out of town, and Dawntracker giving up the chase. Paggle would return in the night, seeking revenge on the city guards, but upon reaching the barracks, found the guards either unconscious or brutally killed. Being unable to tell the guards apart, cause they all look the same, dammit, Paggle thought to at least load a couple of them on a nearby mule for plenty of rations. Unfortunately, Dawntracker would wake to find Paggle fleeing the scene, and blame her for the deaths.

Upon fleeing the city to enjoy her new stockpile of food, Paggle sought shelter in a large cave miles away in the wilderness. There she would meet Bezar and Usar, a terrifying, two-headed ettin. In exchange for shelter, she presented Usar and Bezar with most of her two bodies and mule, even preparing a meal for the ettin, keeping enough rations for a few nights for herself. Usar and Bezar were the first fans of Paggle’s cooking, to her delight. Eventually this cave would become a common stop for Paggle in between her stops on her little trade route, always visiting and cooking for Bezar and Usar along the way. Eventually, the ettin told Paggle that they’ve found an interesting prospect with the Dark One’s forces, and invited her to come along and see for herself how it is.

Paggle Pukegutter

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