The first adventure

This adventure begins with the Dark One gathering forces to oppose races such as humans, elves, and dwarves, when Dendro Boophis, Paggle Pukegutter, and Valeriea Steelbringer all gather at the Broken Fang Warcamp. The Broken Fang Warcamp was formerly the largest orc barbarian camp, but has reformed under the Dark One. The leaders of the Dark One’s forces here are Korbash the Wolf, who leads the orcs, Medreku the Black, a dragonborn who leads the warriors, and Calysta Soulrender, a tiefling that leads the spellcasters and scholars.

When all the forces are gathered, the leaders speak out about their plans to attack farming villages and inspire fear of the Dark One. During this meeting, Valeriea speaks out, criticizing the plan, and is silenced by Soulrender. Notably, an emissary of the Dark One is present with the leaders, and presents Korbash with a demonic weapon, emanating dark energy. Everyone is told that they’ll be divided into groups of five for the coming raids, and Dendro, Paggle, and Valeriea report to their squadron leader, Gortok.

Gortok the orc is with Valtalia, the drow cleric, in a small shrine to Lolth, when the three meet them. Gortok instructs them that they’ll be attacking a farming village with other groups, taking the charge from straight on while the other squadrons flank from the sides. Without many questions, the group of 5 proceeds with their part of the raids.

Upon approaching the village, Valeriea gets in position to fire her rocket at the nearest structure, while the rest begin their approach. However, Paggle and Dendro bicker over who takes the lead, and Valtalia fails to silence them, causing a ruckus that gains the attention of an older man and his son. Paggle approaches the two of them before they notice the rest, and charms them into following her into the field. Very quickly, Valeriea fires a rocket through the older man, instantly killing him, and Valtalia stabs the young boy in the heart, dispatching them quietly just as alarms begin to sound in the village from the other raid groups attacking.

Gortok leads the charge into the village as the group violently kills most of the villagers they encounter. One woman manages to escape, and one man who was seen ordering others around is captured by Dendro, who hoped to keep him as a slave. Valeriea finds her fired rocket again, and takes another shot, killing another villager, but also blasting a hole through Gortok. Gortok would’ve surely died, but Valtalia revived him with her magic.

Lumen militia approach, lead by a paladin that seems to make Gortok nervous. In the melee with the militia and paladin, Gortok is knocked out, bleeding out until Paggle patches him up with herbs and spit. With Gortok down, the paladin then begins attacking Dendro, who seems determined to take another slave, and knocks Dendro out as well. Valeriea, from afar, manages a critical hit with her crossbow on the paladin, finishing the battle.

Before fleeing the village as it burns down, Paggle tortures the man captured by Dendro earlier, forcing him to watch as she cooks his friend’s brain before him, and making him ask to be fed those brains. After a couple of failed attempts to keep his food down, Paggle forcefully pushes the brains down his throat, then releases him to spread word of the Dark One.


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