Alice Ravenholt

The Daughter of Greil Ravenholt, and once betrothed to Alaric. Has a split personality due to a tramatic experience.


Alice is mentally broken from the trauma she went through. She is 19 years old and has an acute prowess for rapiers learning swordsmanship from her dad the general of the royal army. She was captured and tortured alongside the real Greil for aiding a royal fugitive/terrorist. The physical and mental trauma and shame endured this period of time broke her mind. She was hoping to marry Alaric and looked up to him as a knight in shining armor who would sweep her off her feet and save her from any harm. She quickly realized she could only rely on herself and not on men. She broke out of the dungeon under the castle promising she will come back for her father.

The real Greil is still locked under the castle the last time she knows.

She has moments of sanity and insanity. Sane alice will refer to herself as Alice and respond as such. Insane will only be referred to as “The Duchess” and will ignore even openly attack those who might not refer to her with respect as such.

She has twin rapiers:

  • White Queen (The one she mostly has holding out instead of strapped. This powerful sword was made by her father for her)
  • Red Queen (This one is made specifically by Alice herself recently with aide of a friend (unnamed). Her broken maso-sadist psyche imprinted onto the blade upon creation. Alice fears to use this weapon and mostly keeps it in its red sheathe)

Combat style:

  • Alice will fight defensively most of the time using only one rapier and carefully placing her attacks while keeping her defense strong like her father taught her.
  • Duchess fights with two rapiers and purposely throws herself in harms way repeatedly using abilities that will crush her own defenses and openly allow herself to be struck by enemies fulfilling a strange obscene sense of pleasure from it until she passes out or dies.


  • Sane alice: To recover her sanity; To not fear men; To become a strong and independent woman
  • Duchess: To eliminate her weaker persona (Alice); Enslave men under her rule; Accumulate wealth & fame

Alice Ravenholt

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